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Beatles Yellow Submarine Poster 1968

A fascinating piece of Beatles original 1968 "Yellow Submarine" memorabilia, this being a large fold-out promotional poster (20"x 37 1/2" approx), published in America by "King Features Syndicate - Suba Films Ltd". The poster presents an image of the eponymous submarine on one side. To the reverse 5 of the panels carry printed text: "Wall To.., " "Wall", "To Wall...Colour", "In Billboard Naturally", "A Spectacular Display Drama!". The 6th panel shows Yellow submarine style cartoon image of The Beatles.


This is a rare poster. It is extremely difficult to find information about the piece but after research, we believe the poster was provided to a limited number of record distributors. It was clearly produced in very small numbers, as very few seem to have survived. Produced on quite thin gloss paper, the poster has a tendency to split along the fold-lines, as here in several places (longest currently 5"). This design fault is probably responsible for most being trashed after use. This example has been displayed & exhibits pin-holes, adhesive to reverse etc.


NB. Should the purchaser wish us to stabilise the fold-lines using conservation tape to the rear, we are happy to do this.

Price: £395.00

Artist: The Beatles
Year: '1968
Category: Beatles / 50 - 60's
Format: Poster
Condition: Good
Reference: 69169

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