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Stones Gimme Shelter Quad Poster 1970

Linen-backed UK Quad cinema poster for the Rolling Stones documentary "Gimme Shelter" (1970). The film charts the Stones progress towards the disastrous Altamont free concert, where free-wheeling hippy idealism was confronted by the brute reality of Hell's Angels who did not sign up to the "peace & love" edict!


This is a brilliant documentary & a fabulous poster too. The montage of b/w photos creates a somewhat grim perspective, the one day-glo panel being both glaring & hinting of the climactic violence within.


The poster appears to have had minimal restoration & remains in superb condition.


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Price: £1195.00

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Year: '1970
Category: Stones / Rock
Format: Poster
Condition: Excellent +
Reference: 70512

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