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Sex Pistols Cancelled Gig Flyer 1976

From the collection of the original promoter & guaranteed to be authentic, a large original gig flyer (8"x 10") for gigs at the 400 Ballroom, Torquay, Sept-Oct 1976. Of key interest is the Sex Pistols gig of 5th Oct. Unfortunately the reputation for violence which followed the band, led to the gig being cancelled. A local Councillor believed the band went around "head-butting" people. A couple of months later the Pistols notoriety was cemented with the infamous Grundy interview & gig cancellations across the country followed.

Price: £725.00

Artist: The Sex Pistols, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Strife
Year: '1976
Category: Punk / New Wave
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Very good
Reference: 69938

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