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U2 Cure Madness Feelgood Friars 1981

An original double-sided 1981 Aylesbury Friars polling sheet. One of the reasons that Friars thrived as a rock club was that the promoters remained close to its audience & each year solicited feedback & reaction to the previous years gigs. Apart from the usual requests for "Best Headlining Band" etc, the poll had 15 other categories available for vote/comment. Of the 31 gigs Friars promoted in 1981 (all listed here) were U2 on 6/6/81, The Cure 18/4/81, Madness 9/11/81 & Dr Feelgood 14/3/81. The camera flash reveals a stain but this is virtually invisible.

Price: £25.00

Artist: U2, The Cure, Madness, Dr Feelgood
Year: '1981
Category: Punk / New Wave
Format: Other
Condition: Very good
Reference: 68617

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